About Us


Welcome to the World Wide Web presence for The Journal of Interstitial Cinema, a magazine published once a year by Grog Ziklore, Po Man, and RJ Wheatpenny. If you cannot find it in your local magazinary, please send us a line and we will be happy to fulfill your request. Prices are as follows:

$4 for issues One and Two

$7 for issue Three

$6 for issue Four

$14 for the super-sized but outrageously priced issue Five

$4 for the twelve page mini-issue Five-and-a-Half (plus free gift)

Send unmarked bills to Journal of IC, 387 Grand st #902, New York, NY 10002. If for some reason you would like to contact us, our email address is journalofic at gmail dot com.

Please check back every so often for information about the latest issue. Thank you.



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